Hidden Disabilities

Airports can be busy environments and we understand that for those people who are travelling with hidden disabilities this can make going on holiday a stressful experience. We want to ensure that everybody’s journey through Newcastle Airport is as smooth as possible, so we have put together some helpful tips and detailed the services available to you.

Passenger Assistance

To help make the airport journey easier for those travellers with hidden disabilities, we have worked alongside the North East Austism Society to produce booklets for our passengers:

We offer additional support for people travelling with hidden disabilities. When in security, staff members are aware of varying disabilities and will conduct any searches as efficiently and sensitively as possible. Private search facilities are available at any stage of the security process if requested by the passenger. This comprises of two same-sex security staff carrying out a hand search of the customer and their mobility equipment until they are satisfied that no prohibited items are being carried.

Once through security, there are quieter areas that passengers travelling with hidden disabilities may use. These can be located at Gate 31 and Gate 19.

We are also able to offer assistance when it comes to boarding the aircraft. If you require any support, please speak to your airline to book Passenger Assistance. 

Mental Wellbeing

We recognise that travel can be exciting, but it can also be challenging for some passengers.

It is not unusual to find yourself in unfamiliar locations when travelling and feel more stressed than usual. Make your journey through the Airport easier with our top tips:

  • Pre-plan your journey to the Airport before your day of travel. This will help you familiarise yourself with the route and is likely to reduce anxiety on the day.
  • Prepare some notes with your flight departure and arrival times, and if you are connecting to another flight, information to help you transfer to your next flight. The more information you have to hand in, the less stressed you will feel.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the Airport, check in any luggage and get through security into the Departure Lounge. Being in a rush can have a negative effect on your stress levels.
  • There can be some waiting around before your flight at the airport, keep in touch with family and friends to make this time pass more quickly.
  • Use breathing, grounding or mindfulness techniques to help reduce your anxiety levels. The NHS provides a great breathing exercises guide here.

If you would like help from our Passenger Assistance team, please register with your airline 36 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

Sensory Area

The custom-designed area is available in Gate 31 for departing passengers with hidden disabilities such as dementia, autism, sensory issues and mental health disorders to use when the experience of travelling through the airport becomes overwhelming.

It is not necessary to book to use the facility. However, we do ask that passengers respect other users and allow the space to be used as the calming, de-escalation area it is intended to be.