Assistance Provided

We can help special assistance passengers (including disabled or persons with reduced mobility) in a variety of different ways both inside and outside the terminal building.

Passengers must notify their airline at least 36 hours before arriving at the Airport and communicate their arrival on the day of departure at designated points inside and outside the terminal.

Our Special Assistance team is here to help with:

  • Move from a designated point to the check-in counter.
  • Check-in and register baggage.
  • Proceed from the check-in counter to the aircraft, with completion of emigration, customs and security procedures.
  • Board the aircraft, with the provision of lifts, wheelchairs or other assistance needed, as appropriate.
  • Proceed from the aircraft door to their seats.
  • Store and retrieve baggage on the aircraft.
  • Proceed from their seats to the aircraft door.
  • Disembark from the aircraft, with the provision of lifts, wheelchairs or other assistance needed, as appropriate.
  • Proceed from the aircraft to the baggage hall and retrieve baggage, with the completion of immigration and customs procedures.
  • Proceed from the baggage hall to a designated point.
  • Reach connecting flights when in transit, with assistance on the air and land sides and within and between terminals as needed.
  • Move to the toilet facilities if required.

Where a passenger with reduced mobility is assisted by a companion, this person will be able to provide all necessary assistance in the Airport, including embarking and disembarking the aircraft. You can simply advise us of this when you come to the Special Assistance Desk, located near Starbucks and check-in.

If you are using mobility equipment such as an electric wheelchair, you must notify your airline at least 36 hours before arriving for your journey.

We are committed to ensuring that 100% of passengers of restricted mobility who notify us within the above timeframe will arrive at the gate in time for boarding, subject to their on-time arrival at the Airport. This pledge extends to those pre-booked passengers who are connecting through the Airport. This is subject to flights scheduled arriving and departure.


Assistance Dogs

Newcastle International Airport has facilities and procedures in place to deal with assistance dogs travelling outbound and inbound, including designated holding / toilet areas and equipment to scan microchips. Staff are available to assist passengers travelling with assistance dogs through the Airport as required.


Mobility Equipment

Passengers who use mobility equipment, including scooters and electric wheelchairs, can remain with their equipment until it is time to board the aircraft. Upon landing at the Airport, the equipment will be repatriated to the passenger immediately where required.

The Airport is responsible for making the equipment safe for carriage. In order to allow the Airport to disable or dismantle the mobility aid with minimum disruption we require information from the passenger before the date of travel. The information detailed below must be conveyed through the airline a minimum of 36 hours before travel.

We will require to know:

  • Type of mobility aid
  • Manufacturer
  • Battery type
  • Instructions on how to disable equipment
  • Date and flight number of travel

In the event that your equipment is damaged in transit, we will provide a manual wheelchair as a temporary replacement for your journey home.