Short Stay 1 Parking

Situated immediately outside the entrance to Newcastle International Airport, the Short Stay 1 car park offers convenient and secure car parking from a few hours to several days.

Book your parking through Newcastle Airport and you'll always be guaranteed the cheapest price.


Park any time from Friday to Monday in our Premium Short Stay Car Park 1 (directly in front of the terminal).

If you plan to stay for a day or more in Short Stay 1 Parking, you can now book your space online in advance. For more information and a full price list, visit Newcastle Airport Parking Booking. (Please note that should your parking duration be up to 24 hours spread over 2 calendar days, it is more beneficial to use the pay on exit system).

Short Stay 1 Parking - Turn up and park
Stay Length Stay Length Price
Up to 15 mins Up to 15 mins £6.00
30 Mins 30 Mins £8.00
1 hour 1 hour £12.00
2 hours 2 hours £15.00
3 hours 3 hours £18.00
4 hours 4 hours £19.00
24 hours 24 hours £30.00
2 days 2 days £60.00
3 days 3 days £90.00
4 days 4 days £120.00
Per day or part thereafter Per day or part thereafter £30.00

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