Specialist Defensive Driving Programmes

Newcastle International Airport Training Academy and Trident Manor have developed a series of specialist defensive driving programmes aimed at reducing the risks to people, property, operations and organisational reputation caused whilst driving.

Whilst there are many organisations offering similar programmes our intention is always to offer high quality programmes that have been individually assessed and approved by a credible and globally recognised organisation. To that end RoSPA have been approached not only to approve the training facilities that we use but also the courses that we deliver. This quality assurance not only gives clients the peace of mind that the programmes are credible but also that they have been rigorously assessed against international best practises.

The following specialist driving programmes are delivered in conjunction with Trident Manor and have been approved by RoSPA.

Airside Defensive Driving Programme

This programme has been designed for those organisations operating at airports around the world in order to reduce the number of accidents and vehicle related incidents that occur in the public and controlled areas.

The programme evaluates the driving capabilities of the participants before providing instruction on how to drive defensive, with increased levels of awareness and vigilance. Driving activities are undertaken on public roads as well as in controlled areas of the airport (subject to legal acceptance). Public road driving uses standard or specialist vehicles, whilst the airside driving concentrates on the specialist vehicles that the participants will be using.

At the end of the programme the quality of driving will be improved, accidents should be reduced, disruption minimised, and financial losses caused by these type of events reduced.

For further information about this programme please contact the team.

Emergency Response Driving Programme

 This programme has been developed for those drivers and organisations involved in responding to emergencies whether that be medical, security or fire. The programme has built in flexibility to increase the number of days instruction is provided if there is such a need or desire by clients.

The programme assesses the competency level of the drivers before developing their defensive driving skills and increasing their knowledge of biological actions and reactions that occur when adrenaline and stressful situations occur. The participants are tested in their ability to respond safety to emergency situations whilst using their emergency response vehicles at site.

At the end of the programme the participants will better understand their own driving abilities, the impact of adrenaline and stress when responding to emergency situations and an ability to drive in a safer manner.

This programme can be delivered globally and is adaptable to meet the local laws and regulations.

For further information about this programme please contact the team.

Driving Assessor Programme

Many organisations around the world use in-house or third party drivers to deliver their products, transport their people or to facilitate other activities such as security patrols. Unfortunately the driving skills and abilities of those undertaken these activities is either unknown or potentially subject to falsifications or bribery. This programme has been developed to enable organisations to have the skills and abilities of potential drivers assessed prior to undertaking driving tasks.

The programme assesses the skills and competencies of the potential assessors before introducing them to defensive driving practises and assessment processes. The participants undertake supervised assessments of their peers whilst they themselves are being assessed as assessors. The programme not only includes defensive driving activities but also softer skills such as communication and analytical skills.

At the end of the programme the participants will have the ability to critically assess and evaluate whether a potential driver is suitable for driving company vehicles or undertaking certain driving activities.

The benefits for the organisation include the creation of a quality management system and process, reduced accidents caused by inappropriate drivers and financial savings by using in-house personnel to assess driving capabilities.

This programme is suitable for a wide range of organisations operating nationally and internationally and includes sectors such as; mining, oil and gas, humanitarian organisations, governmental organisations, hospitality sector and third party security organisations.

For further information about this programme please contact the team.


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