Fire Awareness

The Fire Awareness Course is aimed at all staff (particularly new employees) in all workplaces, to help them identify and reduce the risks from fire in the workplace. Please note that this course does not give the delegate the opportunity to use an extinguisher practically.

Course overview

The course material and handouts are used in conjunction with current workplace fire safety legislation and guidance. Delegate understanding is not assessed.


To ensure all personnel are fully conversant with the procedures to be adopted in the event of discovering a fire and the actions to be taken on hearing the fire alarm system.


Courses are available throughout the year and upon request.


1-2 hours


Either at the academy's premises or on your own site (Subject to site survey).

Learning objectives

By the end of the course delegates should:

  • Have a basic understanding of the legal requirements regarding fire safety
  • Know the procedures for summoning assistance
  • Be aware of procedures in the event of an emergency evacuation
  • Understand the importance of good housekeeping


  • Introduction
  • Course Aim/Objectives
  • Chemistry and combustion of fire
  • Classifications of fires
  • Methods of extinguishing fire
  • Action to be taken on discovering a fire
  • How to raise the fire alarm and the procedures this sets in motion
  • The fire alarm system
  • The action to be taken on hearing the fire alarm
  • The location of fire points within the building
  • The importance of external assembly points
  • Location of escape routes (building familiarisation)
  • The importance of fire doors in restricting fire spread
  • Operation of escape route doors
  • The importance of general fire precautions and good housekeeping (fire prevention)
  • Video presentation – “How to use a fire extinguisher” – Fires at Work?
  • Site Fire Safety tour
  • Summary

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