Chemical Spillage


The course is designed to provide students with the skills required to deal with a range of hazardous materials such as dusts, liquids, and vapors. Demonstrating their own ability through a series of simulated incidents, students will gain valuable knowledge in dealing with spillages and chemical releases without exposing individuals to hazardous chemicals.


On your own site or at the academy's own training establishment.

Learning objectives

  • Correct tactics for dealing with chemical spillage incidents
  • Suitable use of Hazard Data Sheets
  • Correct casualty handling and emergency decontamination procedures
  • Consideration for environmental issues
  • Appropriate use of fire service equipment and media


Generally, participants should form part of their own emergency response team. Participants or part of the team should have attended a breathing apparatus wearer course and be confident in its use. There is no need for pre-study as all course literature will be issued during the course.


The course will involve the student making the correct choice and demonstrating the correct use of firefighting equipment. The equipment used on the course will reflect the equipment available to the students in their usual working environment.

It is anticipated that the course will last for two days and will achieve the objectives set out above. (This estimate is based on the training needs of companies with similar ‘on site’ hazards.) However, in order that the most appropriate training can be given to the students it is proposed that Newcastle Airport Fire Service staff visit the site to ascertain the resources, skills and procedures already in place. Knowledge of issues such as the Site Emergency Plan, the hazards which are present and the type and quantities of equipment available will allow the course content to be devised and delivered.

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