Breathing Apparatus Instructor

This Breathing Apparatus Training Course will provide a development opportunity for individuals who have been identified within their organisation to be suitable to deliver BA training to Fire Service personnel. The course is designed to increase skills, knowledge and methods of instruction in all aspects of BA. Both theoretical and practical aspects of BA will be covered. Successful completion of the course also provides a certificate of competence in a nationally recognised trainers qualification. (Level 3 award – Facilitate learning and development in groups).

Course Aims

This course provides the necessary acquisition of knowledge and understanding, through the delivery of a structured learning program (SLP). Individuals will gain the necessary skills to competently plan, prepare and deliver BA exercises and presentations in all aspects of Breathing Apparatus equipment and procedures.

Course Requirements

Due to the physical nature of the course, candidates are required to verify they have been medically assessed, and deemed fit and able to undertake course activities prior to attendance. Candidates attending this course must be currently certified as competent in the role of a Breathing Apparatus Wearer. To gain access airside, all students must be in possession of either a valid passport or photo type driving licence.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course all students will be able to:
• Instruct to the minimum standards laid down in the UK Home Office Breathing Apparatus Technical Bulletin 1/1997
• Plan, prepare and deliver BA exercises
• Observe and provide feedback on BA exercises
• Understand the physical constraints of Breathing Apparatus and monitor performance of committed BA teams
• Deliver a technical presentation
• Instruct personnel to don and doff BA in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions
• Instruct personnel to fully understand the safety procedures when operating SCBA

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