Radar Blanking Strategy

Newcastle International operates a unique Radar Blanking Strategy which allows for the development of certain potential wind farm schemes in the North East.

Since 2005, over 250 consultations for on and off-shore wind farm developments have been proposed in the wider region, all aiming to meet government-set targets for renewable energy.

Many had the potential to affect the daily operations of Newcastle Airport’s Air Traffic Control, as wind turbines in operation appear on the airport radar with the same markings as a moving aircraft. With the absence of a solution, in the past the airport had no alternative but to object to schemes where an unacceptable impact was predicted. The Radar Blanking mitigation is a software update applied to the radar system which effectively places a ‘patch’ to cover the potential wind farm sites. This prevents the turbines appearing, so they cannot be mistaken for moving aircraft.

Newcastle Airport’s Radar Blanking Strategy was created in November 2010, and has since been revised. The latest version (April 2011) can be downloaded below.

For more information, download the full Radar Blanking Strategy document: Radar Blanking Strategy