Baggage Advice

Baggage Allowance

Rules on bag size and weight can differ between airlines and tour operators. Baggage allowances depend on factors including fare paid, class of travel, route, aircraft type, government regulations, and their own commercial and health and safety policies.

We recommend passengers check their baggage allowances with their airline when booking to avoid confusion or complications at check-in.

Outsized Baggage

We advise passengers to inform their airline or tour operator about any outsize or unusual size items of baggage well in advance of their departure.

Restricted Items

Passengers can find a list of restricted items on our website. For more information, please click here.

Baggage Policy

Newcastle International Airport asks all passengers to follow our baggage policy for a smooth check-in and to minimise security risks. We advise the following:

  • You must pack all your bags yourself. Do not allow anyone to tamper with them or take gifts on behalf of others.
  • Ensure your bags are clearly labelled with your name and your destination address.
  • Never leave your baggage or personal belongings unattended in the terminal building, as this is a security risk. If bags are found unattended, they may be removed or destroyed.
  • Sharp items, including nail files and scissors, should be packed in your hold luggage only and will be removed if found in your hand luggage.