News Reporting

News reporting - landside

The airport team is happy to accommodate all reasonable requests to report, photograph and film the landside (publicly accessible) areas of the airport. Before speaking with passengers who are travelling with a particular airline or tour operator, permission must be granted with the airport press office and the relevant airline or tour operator press office in advance.

Live broadcasts, satellite trucks and radio cars can be accommodated in the short term car park. Please discuss your requirements with the press office before traveling to the airport.

News reporting - airside

Access to airside (security restricted) locations will be permitted when particularly pertinent to a news story. Media in airside locations must be escorted at all times by a member of airport staff and will be required to produce a passport or photo-bearing driving license in order to progress through security search. Press cards or other forms of ID cannot be accepted.


Filming and photography of the following activity is not permitted:

  • The security search area, security procedures or personnel
  • Airline, tour operator or handling agent operations or personnel without the permission of the relevant company

Reporters, photographers or camera crew who are deemed to be disrupting normal airport operations or causing unnecessary inconvenience or distress to passengers or staff will be asked to leave the site.