Newcastle Airport urges North East MP's to vote in favour of Heathrow Expansion

Newcastle International Airport has today urged North East MP’s to back the expansion of Heathrow Airport. In the near future MP’s will vote on a National Policy Statement that will pave the way for the construction of a third runway at the global hub airport.

Nick Jones, CEO said;-

‘After many years of debate, the National Policy Statement on the expansion of Heathrow Airport will finally be voted upon in Parliament in the near future. A third runway at Heathrow is in the national interest, and is certainly in the interests of the North East.‘

‘The Region currently benefits from up to six flights a day between Newcastle and Heathrow, carrying over half a million passengers a year. Almost 70% (350,000) of these passengers are using Heathrow as a hub to connect to destinations across Europe, and increasingly to longer haul destinations across the World. North East businesses are able to use Heathrow, alongside other key hubs such as Dubai, Amsterdam and Paris, to connect to global markets.’

‘There are many cities and regions wanting a link to Heathrow. The North East is fortunate that it has such a link, but it is important that we hold on to it. Without an additional runway, UK domestic routes such as Newcastle will be gradually squeezed out as the capacity is increasingly used by larger long haul aircraft. With the various challenges our region will face in the coming years, we cannot afford to see the North East lose its access to what is currently its biggest hub.’

‘Newcastle Airport has campaigned in support of a third runway for over a decade. North East MP’s have always shown their support and it is important that this is maintained in this crucial vote.’