Airport Training Academy Announces World Class Security Workshop Partnership

The North East’s largest airport and a local security, risk and crisis management consultancy have teamed up to provide bespoke security training programmes aimed at local and international clients.

Newcastle International Airport and Darlington-based Trident Manor Ltd have formed the “perfect partnership” in order to deliver specialist security risk management workshops to help organisations manage the risks that can be faced in an uncertain world.

The exciting venture will see both organisations combining their resources to provide training and educational workshops to proactively improve resilience within businesses, to help deter or minimise impacts of harmful activity including terrorism or crime.

Newcastle International Airport's Training Academy provides world class training to businesses and individuals from across the globe.

The Training Academy offers a full range of courses including Security, First Aid, Fire Training, Aviation Training, Health and Safety and Team Building.

Trident Manor is a specialist security, risk and crisis management consultancy that protects individuals and organisations from the threats, risks and vulnerabilities that can adversely affect all organisations and sectors, whether in the region, nationally or internationally.

Trident Manor already provides bespoke educational programmes and workshops to several sectors within the UK and is passionate about “reducing risk to enable growth”.

Once the partnership is launched, it is expected to deliver programmes to customers both in the North East and worldwide.

Richard Knight, Chief Operating Officer, of Newcastle International Airport, added: “The Training Academy here at the Airport provides world class training to a diverse range of businesses from across the globe.

“We are delighted to partner up with Trident Manor and look forward to working with businesses throughout the region and beyond to deliver a range of specialist security training workshops.”

Managing Director of Trident Manor, Andy Davis, said: “Bringing together the security expertise of Trident Manor and the safety training programmes of Newcastle International Airport Training Academy makes sense for clients based in the North East as well as for those travelling nationally and internationally.

“It allows the growth and development of specialist programmes that support multiple sectors in reducing the risks that they face and enabling continued growth in a safe and secure manner.”