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Passengers with Hidden Disabilities

Airports can be busy environments and we understand that for those people who are travelling with hidden disabilities this can make going on holiday a stressful experience. We want to ensure that everybody’s journey through Newcastle Airport is as smooth as possible, so we have put together some helpful tips and detailed the services available to you.

A hidden disabilities lanyard is now available for our customers who need a little more time or assistance whilst travelling through the terminal. The lanyard discretely lets us know that someone might need additional support getting through our airport. This could mean giving them more time to prepare at check-in, security, allowing them to remain with their family at all times, or giving them a more comprehensive briefing on what to expect as they travel through the airport. The lanyard is becoming the popular standard across UK airports which allow our customers requiring extra assistance to use the same system across the country.

The Lanyards are available free of charge from the Airport Duty Managers desk or from the Passenger Assistance desk on the main terminal concourse.

Hidden Disabilities

Passengers with Autism

Mental Wellbeing

If you have any further questions about the help on offer please contact us.