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Course Feedback

View the links below for feedback from past participants of our courses:

RFFS Managers

See below for feedback from Fire Service Managers whose staff have attended courses at the Newcastle Airport Fire Training Academy.

John Howard
Watch Commander, Liverpool Airport

Both Instructors are a credit to your organisation, being well motivated, very knowledgeable and very experienced current RFFS officers / instructors, who put any fears I may have had to rest immediately.

The crews on Station could not have been more helpful or friendly which again made this course very enjoyable.

George Farquhar
Chief Fire Officer, Highlands and Islands Airports Limited

HIAL have experience of both Initial and Reval courses at Newcastle and the feedback from our delegates is consistently good. The level of skills and knowledge delivered by the operational instructors and tutor delivery is always rated highly and the extra touches are noted – the scenarios and graphics on the VR simulator are high quality and ATCOs on the radio ensure the exercises are challenging.

Our staff are welcomed by everyone on station where they are offered the use of all facilities. Most impressive is that our teams come back motivated and ready to make use of the knowledge gained.

Gary Barthram
AFM Heathrow Airport Fire and Rescue Service

I have now sent two groups of firefighters to Newcastle on the Crew Commander Incident Command Initial Course.

The facilities, training received and accommodation have all been first class, all of my guys have been very complimentary of the attitude of the instructors and crews at NCL to provide a worthwhile and interesting course.

Also, I would like to comment on the excellent post course feedback for each individual which was very thorough and detailed, I would not hesitate in recommending, well done Newcastle keep it up.

Graham Simpson
Fire Service Manager, Newquay Cornwall Airport

I have recently attended a Supervisor Revalidation Course run at Newcastle Airport Fire Training Academy. The main driver for me attending NCL was the positive feedback from my staff who had attended previous courses both at Acquisition and Application / Revalidation levels.

The team at NCL were professional from the outset and the course content and delivery was in my opinion fully commensurate with the role of “Supervisor”.

The Theory, Practical and Assessment elements were all done with enthusiasm from Fire Ground staff and Instructors / Assessors (All NCL Fire Service Personnel). The course “Guest Speakers” were informative and covered their individual subjects in-depth.

The hotel arrangements were first class and monitored by NCL Fire Academy staff, the whole NCL experience was enjoyable and I would be content to recommend this Approved Training Provider (ATP) to any Fire Service Manager.

This is a sound ATP operation and all credit must go to all the personnel who make it happen that way.

Andy Munns
Chief Fire Officer, Jersey Airport

This was the first supervisory course facilitated by Newcastle Airport and although there were some very minor areas the ATP could tweak to enhance the content and format, this is only to be expected with such a new course and provider.

Overall the revalidation course with the new ATP was a breath of fresh air with many pertinent and relevant learning opportunities being established. Particularly useful was the integrated work with the Tyne & Wear local authority and the balance between practical and theoretical training. No reason not to use this ATP in the future.

Supervisor Initial

We’ve carried out several Supervisor Initial courses recently, and you can see some of the feedback we've received below:

Martin Shields
Watch Manager, Birmingham Airport
January 2013

A thoroughly enjoyable information packed course, delivered by operational Instructors and Guest speakers with openness and transparency. All packaged up with North East hospitality!

Norman Reynolds
Highlands and Islands Airports
January 2013

The course was very well run. Great facilities and accommodation with professional and very friendly staff.

Supervisor Revalidation

See below for feedback from past participants of our Supervisor Revalidation course:

Jack McLoughlin
Airport Fire Officer, Dublin Airport
September 2011

I recently attended a Supervisor Revalidation course at Newcastle International Airport. To be honest I was not looking forward to it. I normally attend these revalidation courses and it’s usually the same old same old. I learn absolutely zilch and just go through the motions.

What a breath of fresh air Newcastle was. The first two days of the course we were introduced to both the Incident Command System and Analytical Risk Assessments by the Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service at their training centre in Sunderland and at the Airport Fire Station. I learned so much. We also had a pilot who came along and explained emergency incidents from a flight crew’s perspective. Brilliant.

We then had our assessments on the fire ground over the next two days which were handled very professionally by our instructors Steve and Wayne.

Everybody in the Newcastle Airport Fire Service was very friendly and approachable. We were made to feel so welcome. The facilities at the Airport Fire Station were excellent and the food (especially the pies) could not be faulted.

There is a good operation being run at Newcastle Airport Fire Service and great credit must go to Steve Armstrong and all the lads. I would seriously recommend Newcastle for future training courses. Thanks again for a truly enjoyable week.

David Cunningham
Deputy SAFO, City of Derry Airport
Sept 2011

I was very impressed with the Supervisor revalidation course carried out at Newcastle Airport. I thought it was very well thought out, and very well presented and was a breath of fresh air. I was also very impressed with the professionalism and attitude of the instructors and also of the firefighters that made up the crew for exercises, and also the duty crews on station who made us very welcome. The hospitality that was shown to us was excellent, nothing was a problem.

I particularly liked carrying out the course on a working station, with the instructors being operational officers, who are carrying out the same role as me on a day to day basis.

The incident command suite at the Tyne and Wear Headquarters was very impressive, and the input of the local authority officers was very informative, professional and very welcome. I thought having a local authority officer on the course was also very good, this can only enhance understanding and good working relationships between the two services.

I thought the course was relevant and current. The balance between theory and practical was well balanced. Well done Newcastle.

Ron Johnson
Fire Service Manager, Gloucestershire Airport
September 2011

The Supervisor Revalidation course exceeded all expectations from day one. The friendly and helpful instructors along with the team provided the backdrop for an enjoyable and balanced course, also providing valuable knowledge – additional inputs from the Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service (Incident Command) were very helpful. The information from the airline pilot’s perspective on incidents was informative and invaluable.

The Airport Fire Station and training facilities did not disappoint, again a friendly, clean training environment (Something you can all be proud of!). You also provided a realistic and fair assessment on the fire ground.

How you can all be so helpful, friendly and professional beats me! Spot on!

Graham Spinks
Fire Service Station Manager, Newquay Cornwall Airport
April 2011

Congratulations to Newcastle Airport Fire service, along with a colleague I was fortunate enough to attend the first ever Supervisor’s revalidation course.

The professionalism of the course Instructors plus the facilities on offer along with Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service were excellent. The course content both theoretically and practically was not only proportioned evenly but relevant. From our arrival until the conclusion of the course we were made to feel very welcome from all involved.

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Try something different.

I can’t praise Newcastle enough other than to recommend to my superiors that they in future use Newcastle for subsequent revalidation courses.

Firefighter Bridging Course

See below for feedback from past participants of our Fire Fighter Bridging Course:

Fire Fighter Vector Aerospace
February 2014

Would just like to say thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable course. From the start you created a positive atmosphere which made it easier to take information in. The knowledge and skills I have taken from bridging course will not only help transition into the Civilian sector but could also help in my role in a covering military aircraft. Thanks.

Fire Fighter Vector Aerospace
February 2014

I would like to say I thoroughly enjoyed the my time in Newcastle. The course was run in a highly professional manner with a friendly atmosphere. The instruction from the team was clear, informative and interesting throughout and the training ground facilities were superb. The accommodation and service at the Hotel were exceptional and it made being away from the family that little bit easier. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to gain the CAA qualification.

Fire Fighter Vector Aerospace
November 2013

The course in my opinion was a real eye opener into the CAA world. Coming from working with military helicopters there is a lot to take in when considering the complexity of work involved with civil aircraft. The breakup of the course to carry out drills fitted in well during the first week.

Week 2 was fantastic as it gave me the opportunity to put into practice all that I had learned not only on the bridging course but also things that I had not done since basic.

The hotel stay was fantastic making us feel very welcome which helped being away from family for a couple of weeks. Having this sort of stay sets you up positively for the following day.

Once again, many thanks to our instructors, the rest of the fire station crews and everyone for all the help and for making us feel so welcome.

Fred Dryden
Fire Station Manager, Vector Aerospace
November 2013

I just like to thank all of you for the recent training you’ve provided us, in particular the two week Fire Fighter Bridging Course that was successful and enjoyable for our five fire-fighters. All have which have given me good reports and feedback of both the course syllabus and professionalism of the instructors.

I also like to add that with this course and others, how well you’ve organised our course requirements, administration and logistics with course set-ups, hotel bookings, providing PPE fire kit and planned courses we have booked for next year.

We look forward with working with you in the new year.

Crew Commander Incident (initial)

See below for feedback from past participants of our Crew Commander Incident Command (Initial) course:

Garry Scott
Fleetlands (Vector Aerospace)

Having been a Military Firefighter for most of my career, a colleague and I were slightly apprehensive - this being our first CAA approved Supervisor's Course.

Those thoughts were dispelled from day one. The instructors came across as friendly, approachable yet highly professional. The course contents were a good mix of theory, practical and simulated instruction.

I would like to thank all involved for an enjoyable and beneficial course. I would recommend Newcastle Airport to anybody as a Training provider and look forward to going back in future years.

Ian Hill
Watch Manager, Heathrow Airport
January 2013

During 2013 I attended a Crew Commander and shortly after a Supervisor course provided by Newcastle International. These were a requirement for me to attend and successfully pass in order for me to carry out my current role of Watch Manager at Heathrow Airport. Both courses were professionally run by experienced instructors within good training facilities. The training that I received has been put to good use and has enabled me to carry out my new role competently.

Crew Commander Incident (revalidation)

See below for feedback from past participants of our Crew Commander Incident Command (Revalidation) course:

Eamon O’Leary
Station Officer, Dublin Airport

The hospitality shown to me from arrival to departure was refreshing and welcome. The instructors (indeed all the team at Newcastle) could not have been more friendly and helpful.

From the ‘Incident Command Suite’ at Tyne and Wear to the fire ground at Newcastle, every minute of the course was put to productive and fruitful use. The instructors are operational fire officers with an understanding of the reality and pressures of providing a high standard of operational fire cover. This I felt enhanced the course.

This course ‘ticked all the boxes’. However, there was a lot more to be gained from attendance than just meeting requirements and my needs were surpassed. I left Newcastle International looking forward to my next visit. Thanks again for what was a great week.

Dan Gibbs
Crew Commander, Marshall Airport - Cambridge

I recently attended a Crew Commander Revalidation course at Newcastle and really enjoyed the course and was made very welcome by the whole team. I was really impressed with the level of enthusiasm by the duty crew, once again thanks for a great week.