Consultative Committee

Newcastle International Airport's Consultative Committee aims to provide an effective forum in which all matters concerning the development and operation of the airport which have an effect on its users and the surrounding community may be discussed.

Since 1975, the Committee has worked in a constructive and supportive way which recognises the value of the airport in economic development terms and its importance as an employer of local people.

Recent rapid change in the scale of operations at Newcastle Airport has made the Committee’s role all the more important in seeking balance between the needs of travellers, the needs of the local communities around the airport and the needs of the Airport Company as it seeks to expand.

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Consultative Committee Details

The Committee meets four times a year at the airport. Meetings are not open to the public but a report of each meeting is placed on Newcastle Airport's website. Visits are made to areas of the airport and presentations given by airport staff, in order to increase the understanding of Committee members of the operations of the airport and its effect on the local community.

The Committee is made up of representatives of local resident groups and local parish councillors; borough, city and county councillors and members of other organisations who seek to represent the travelling public and their ‘meeters and greeters’. The meetings are attended by members of the senior management of the airport, who report to the Committee on proposed actions and developments and consider actions and changes proposed by the Committee.

Newcastle Airport Consultative Committee does not have a role in seeking to resolve disputes which individuals may have with the airport. Nevertheless, it is interested in the complaints that the airport may receive and takes an active interest in problems that may affect sections of the community or the travelling public. It is also interested in compliments that are due to the airport and the staff who work hard to ensure airport users are satisfied.

Consultative Committee Aims

Consultative Committee Terms

The Newcastle Airport Consultative Committee is an advisory body set up by Newcastle International Airport Limited in accordance with Section 35 (I) of the Civil Aviation Act 1982 (as amended by the Airports Act 1986) which states:

"1. This section applies to any aerodrome which is designated for the purposes of this section by an Order made by the Secretary of State.

"2. The person having the management of any aerodrome to which this section applies shall provide:

  • (a) For users of the aerodrome,
  • (b) For any local authority (or, if the persons having the management of the aerodrome is a local authority, any other local authority) in whose area the aerodrome or any part thereof is situated or whose area is in the neighbourhood of the aerodrome, and
  • (c) For any other organisation representing the interest of persons concerned with the locality in which the aerodrome is situated,

    adequate facilities for consultation with respect to any matter concerning the management or administration of the aerodrome which affects their interests."

The role of the Consultative Committee is expressed in its Terms of Reference as:

  • To advise Newcastle International Airport Limited on any matter which it may refer to the Newcastle Airport Consultative Committee.
  • To consider any matter in connection with the Airport which may affect the communities represented or the amenities of the neighbourhood. The Committee will have access to the Global-Environmental Management system (GEMs) equipment for any matters concerning aircraft noise and the monitoring of flight paths.
  • To make suggestions to the Chief Executive and Management of Newcastle International Airport Limited on any matter connected with the administration of the Airport which can further the interests of the communities represented.
  • To protect and enhance the interests of all users of the Airport.
  • To consider any matter in connection with the Airport affecting passengers’ interests.
  • To stimulate the interests of the local community in the achievements of the Airport.

Consultative Committee Minutes

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If you would like further information please visit the UK Airport Consultative Committee website here or contact Becky Dolan, Media and Public Affairs Executive, on:

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