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Car Park Terms and Conditions

Newcastle International Airport Limited - Terms and Conditions of booking

1. Bookings are deemed to be placed when made electronically through the web site or by telephone.

2. We can only process a booking when payment is made using Credit, Visa Debit, MasterCard, American Express, and Switch/Maestro. If your card is declined for whatever reason we reserve the right not to fulfil your booking. No other form of payment is accepted for bookings made on this web site.

3. All prices are quoted in UK Pounds Sterling, including VAT and transport where applicable. Prices quoted can be subject to change. In the case of bookings made using overseas credit cards, prices will be converted into your local currency by the card issuing authority at the rate applicable on the date of processing.

4. Pre-booked car park prices are calculated per calendar day or part thereof, based upon the entry and exit times and dates you provide when making your booking.

5. For all car park bookings, the Company must be informed of a cancellation by accessing your booking on the website or by telephoning 0191 2144341. Your booking may be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure time at no charge. For cancellations within 48 hours of your scheduled arrival there is a charge of £5. Please quote your booking reference number. Please note selected special offers or products may be none-refundable, but you will be advised of this upon booking. None flexible bookings cannot be cancelled or amended once booked nor can refunds be given.

6. Cancellations after the start date of the booking period will be charged in full. Arrivals after the start of the booking period, and departures before the end of the booking period, will be charged in full.

7. For Non-Flexible bookings no refund will be given, unless we agree at our discretion and subject to an administration fee of £5.00.

8. Bookings can be amended up to 24 hours prior to scheduled departure time at no charge, using the website ‘Manage my Booking’ function, or alternatively by calling Customer Service line (0191) 2144341. Amendments to the booking period may incur an additional fee or partial refund to cover the new booking period. Any such fee or refund will be debited or credited at the time of processing.

9. Please note that hotel and lounge cancellation terms may differ from the above.

10. All services are subject to availability and to the current terms and conditions of the service provider, full details of which are available on request.

11. Meet and Greet and courtesy parking products - your vehicle will be parked in one of several locations but will remain on the airport site at all times, except where valeting is required, whereby the vehicles will be taken to an off-site location within 1 mile. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you authorise The Company to move your vehicle if necessary between sites (or between airport and car park for Meet and Greet service).

12. All car parks have security patrols, CCTV, security fencing and regular manned patrols.

13. Vehicles are parked at their owner's risk. No liability is accepted for loss or damage unless it is proved to be caused by negligence of the Company. Damage claims cannot be considered unless reported prior to departure from the car park. If your Vehicle is damaged or stolen within our Car Park or any of your possessions stolen, you must immediately inform a member of our staff either in person or via the help button located at each entry barrier, exit barrier, and pay stations. In the case of theft you must immediately inform the Police and notify your insurer promptly. Claims against the service provider must be place in writing within 72 hours of discovering any loss or damage stating the nature of the damage and the reasons for the claim.

14. Payment information given to the Company by you will only be used by the Company, and will not be distributed to any other organisation under any circumstance.

15. Airport Lounges require confirmations to be presented on arrival to the lounge. Customers may be refused entry to the lounge should they not present their confirmation on arrival.

16. Booking and payment for the car parking entitles you to park the designated vehicle in the selected Car Park. However in exceptional circumstances where this cannot be accommodated, your booking will be upgraded to a more expensive product if available at no additional cost. If this is not possible we offer a less expensive product and refund the difference in price.

17. Check-In time - it is your responsibility to ensure that you leave enough time to transfer from the car park to airport check-in within the time limits required by the airline. We recommend that you arrive at the Car Park at least 30 minutes before your check-in time.

18. Under no circumstances will we accept liability should you miss your allocated flight

19. How to contact us: E-mail onsiteparking@newcastleairport-parking.co.uk or telephone 0191 2144341 - 08:00 - 18:00 hours 7 days

20. These Terms and Conditions do not affect your Statutory Rights as a consumer.

21. Health and Safety. You must drive carefully in the Car Park. You should always try to be aware of other Vehicles in motion and must comply with all directions and signs and all instructions or requests given or made from time to time by any of our employees You are responsible for the safety of your children, and must not allow them to be put in danger, or to play in the Car Park, or be left unaccompanied.

22. Vehicle Security - Unless requested by us otherwise before you leave your Vehicle unattended, you must ensure that your vehicle is securely locked including all doors windows and sunroofs, with handbrake engaged, with no person or animal remaining in your Vehicle and with valuable possessions taken with you or removed from sight, within the boot wherever possible. No liability will be accepted for personal property left in the vehicle.

23. Abandoned Vehicles will be disposed of in accordance with Airport Bylaws.

24. Should you damage another Vehicle or any part of the car parking facility or property you must report the matter immediately to a member of our staff and provide full details of the incident and contact and insurance policy details. In doing so, for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 and any other relevant law you are consenting to our passing this information on to the owner or driver of any other Vehicle involved.

25. You may be required to make good to our reasonable satisfaction any damage caused to the Car Park or to pay to us on demand the cost incurred by us in making good this damage.

26. Newcastle International Airport Limited does not accept liability other than for legal liability arising out of the negligence of the Company for death or bodily injury to third parties, or loss or damage to third party property.

27. Newcastle International Airport Limited does not accept liability for loss of or damage to vehicles arising from mechanical or electrical failure, self-locking, atmospheric pollution, terrorism, natural disaster, or damage by third parties.

28. Further Customer Obligations

The customer must inform the Company of any modification (including any for disabled use) to the Vehicle that might affect normal handling operation. The customer shall inform the Company of any immobilisers and special safety/security features fitted to the vehicle.
The Customer shall ensure that the vehicle is, at the beginning and end of the parking period, in a legal and roadworthy condition for driving on the public highway and that no dangerous toxic or illegal substances are left in the vehicle.
For courtesy parking and Meet & Greet Parking, if at the end of the parking period the vehicle will not start the Company may move the vehicle to a suitable location or return bay. At the request and risk of the customer a Company employee will make one attempt to start the vehicle using an anti surge starter pack. Further assistance to start the vehicle will require break down assistance at your expense. A vehicle which cannot be started must be removed from the car park within 24 hours of the end of the parking period after which the daily parking charge will be made.
No vehicle shall be towed into the car park. No work on the vehicle or cleaning of vehicles shall be carried out in the car park.
The customer shall inspect the vehicle and report any damage to a company employee before leaving the car park.