16 Sep 2016

Geordies prepare for Newcastles of the World


The tenth gathering of the Newcastles of the World takes place in Newcastle, Ontario, Canada later this month, and generous contributions from local businesses, trusts and private individuals are allowing several young people from Newcastle upon Tyne to attend the conference.

Newcastle International Airport is supporting Newcastles of the World for the third successive conference. Graeme Mason, Planning and Corporate Affairs Director of the Airport, said: “It’s great that so many Newcastles around the world get together to share knowledge and experience, build links between schools and youth councils, create cultural projects and promote tourism between one another. The Airport has been delighted to help this process, and especially to support the young people from our Newcastle being able to travel to take part.”

Meeting at the Airport were Newcastle upon Tyne youth conference delegates Emily Dormer and Julia Henzell, with Councillor David Faulkner who coordinates the Newcastles of the World project.

“We run projects and share best practice between us continuously, but we meet every two years to take stock and develop new ideas“, said David.

“This time it’s the town of Newcastle in Ontario, 50 miles from Toronto, who are hosting our conference. We have 14 delegates from Newcastle upon Tyne, seven of them young people. Overall there will be about 100 delegates from 13 different Newcastles. We are grateful to the Airport and all our many other sponsors and donors who between them have contributed £10,000 to pay the travel and registration costs for our youth delegates.”

The other local youth delegates are Laura Wilson, Liam Cartwright, Rozita Leetham, Marian Pamsm-Conteh and Molly Secret. Most are current or former members of the Newcastle Youth Council.

The Newcastles of the World conference first took place in Shinshiro City (“Newcastle”) in Japan in 1998. Newcastle upon Tyne hosted the conference in 2012.