25 Jul 2013

Masterplan 2030 - Airport unveils its vision for the future

DATE: 25-07-13

Newcastle Interational Airport has today (Thursday 25th July 2013) launched its masterplan 2013-2030. The masterplan highlights the ambitions of the North East’s main airport up to 2030 and outlines the significant economic benefits the airport will deliver to the region over the next two decades.

The launch marks the beginning of a major consultation process with the local community as the  airport gathers the views of neighbours and other key stakeholders on future developments and the impacts that these might have.

The masterplan shows how possible development requirements up to 2030 might look, including extensions to the terminal,  additional aircraft and car parking and improved access, alongside the creation of additional offices, hangers and warehouses on the southside.

It also outlines the airport’s major economic impact and its important role providing connectivity for the North East. Currently the airport supports 7,800 jobs across the region and by 2030 this will rise to up to 10,000. The completion of the new Southside Development has the potential to deliver thousands more.

The airport delivered £646 million to the regional economy in 2012, and by 2030 it is estimated that this figure will grow substantially to up to £1.3 billion.

Dave Laws, Chief Executive of Newcastle International Airport, said: “Our aim is to be the UK’s most welcoming airport. As part of this aim we want to provide an improved airport, to encourage new routes and attract new customers. To do this we need to develop additional infrastructure, such as improvements to the terminal, better car parking and access, and the development of the southside, which will help diversify the airport business and secure new income sources.

“We want to help our neighbours and the wider North East region understand how the airport will grow in the future. We also want to demonstrate that we have carefully considered the local impacts our plans could have, including on the community, the environment and local roads. We’ve launched a consultation process in order to hear everyone’s view on our plans, and once all the responses have been reviewed we will consider whether any changes need to be made.”

Councillor Iain Malcolm, Leader of the LA7, said: “On behalf of the Local Authority Shareholders I very much welcome the publication of this Masterplan. It is important that there is a clear plan for the future expansion of the airport in place. A growing airport with a wider range of global connections will be crucially important to the future economic wellbeing of the region and by preparing such a comprehensive plan, the airport is also able to inform local residents of the possible impacts the development will bring and identify the measures that will be taken to reduce these impacts.

“The Local Authorities will work closely with our Partners AMP Capital and the Executive team at the airport to move forward with these ambitious plans in a way that maximises the benefits to the whole of the North East.”

David Rees, Head of Asset Management at AMP Captial, said: “AMP Capital is delighted that the airport has produced this far sighted and thorough plan for its future. This is very much in keeping with its role as a key strategic asset for the North East and will help ensure that the very significant economic benefits it brings can be further grown in the future. We look forward to working with the Local Authorities and with the airport management over the coming years to implement this ambitious plan.”

James Ramsbotham, Chief Executive at North East Chamber of Commerce, said: ““With such outstanding performance in export markets, connectivity by air is of crucial importance to regional business. The North East Chamber of Commerce strongly supports the efforts of the airport to grow passenger and freight volumes, and deliver new routes.

“This new masterplan is a bold vision for how the airport could look in 2030, and what the scale of the benefits of this investment could be to the North East economy could be.

“The team at the airport have set out the facilities and infrastructure required to deliver growth, and how they will manage the local impacts. It is now for the region to get behind this ambitious plan.”

Paul Woolston, Chairman North East LEP, said: “The North Eastern LEP will work closely with the airport on the delivery of this masterplan, particularly the Southside Development. Newcastle Airport is of crucial importance to the regional economy, in terms of jobs, GVA, and business connections. If we are to compete effectively in the global marketplace then we need to further expand the airport.

“With this framework we can now see how this expansion can be carried out, and can be assured that the airport have considered how the effects of the expansion will be managed. I look forward to working with the airport in making this vision a reality.”

As part of the masterplan consultation, the airport is organising a series of public meetings and roadshow events.

The full document, details about public meetings and contact information for the consultation process can be found at at www.newcastleairport.com/masterplan