Aerodrome Safeguarding

In 2003 Newcastle International Airport Limited (NIAL) assumed responsibility from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as the statutory safeguarding consultee for developments within its aerodrome area. The aerodrome safeguarding process is included in UK Legislation as an integral part of planning procedures as outlined in the joint Town and Country Planning (Safeguarded Aerodromes, Technical Sites and Military Explosive Storage Areas) Direction 2002.

NIAL has responsibility to ensure that its aerodrome is safe for use by aircraft. There are certain types of development which have the potential to compromise the safe operation of the aerodrome. NIAL therefore safeguards these developments through the planning process.

NIAL is responsible for the areas covered in the Safeguarding Map, available to download below:

NIAL Safeguarding Map

Areas of development interest within 15 km of NIAL:

  • Tall Structures
  • Developments using highly reflective materials such as glazed roofs or photo voltaic cells, including solar farms
  • Landscaping schemes which encourage wildlife habitats
  • Lighting

Areas of development interest within 30 km of NIAL:

  • Wind farms

The above list of developments is not exhaustive and NIAL would encourage early pre-application dialogue with developers where their development may impact upon the operations of the Airport. Pre-application guidance is free of charge for all developments with the exception of wind farms, which (due to the volume of consultation requests) now require an administration charge in order to ensure an efficient service is provided. Please click on the link below for NIAL’s current list of charges.

NIAL Consultation Charges

For advice on any of the development types described above or should you feel that your development requires consultation with the Airport please email the Airport Planner: [email protected]